What is Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a unique tool of self-management that offers you independence in maintaining your health, and teaches you to use your body efficiently and economically.

Unlike relaxation therapies or massage, the Alexander Technique is utilized when you are active. It offers you a chance to discover your habitual reactions to stimuli, to suspend them, and to have a choice in your responses. The Alexander Technique teaches you to calm your nervous system, release your muscles and balance your structure.

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About Kate Kobak

Kate KobakKate Kobak is a certified Alexander Technique teacher and a 2002 graduate of the American Center for the Alexander Technique.  She has studied the Technique extensively for more than twelve years. She has led numerous workshops, including continuing education courses for physical therapists and massage therapists at Long Island University and the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences. Her background includes choreographing, teaching and performing modern dance and ballet; studying and teaching karate; and competing and coaching roller derby with the Twin City Derby Girls. Contact Kate at 773-340-3007 or via e-mail for information about private and group classes.